River Rat

And with the confirmation in my gmail account, it’s official…

I am registered for my first triathlon. 

The excitement is overwhelming. There is nothing about an open water swim, road bike, run combination that is familiar to me, and the newness of it all makes me giddy.

I love running, bbbbbbbuuuuuttttttt a girl needs to shake things up! I’ve had my fair share of distance races, and I’m ready to test the waters in the “tri” world  (pun intended).

The triathlon I’m participating in is called the River Rat Triathlon (Here’s a quick link: to the race’s website). It’s in Norther New York and takes place on August 23rd, 2015.

What I find really awesome about this race is that it’s local. I spent last summer working in the very town in which it takes place. Last year, when I had friends participating in the River Rat Triathlon, I never thought that I could or would do one.

… let’s just say those “I could never do that” moments inspire me more than almost anything else.

So here I am, almost a year later with my name on the registration list and three weeks into my twelve week training program, with a point to prove to myself.

can do this and I will do this.

Side Note: The power of the mind is insane. You believe exactly what you tell yourself to believe. Don’t waste a single second holding yourself back whether it’s a triathlon, pursuing that job, or writing that book you’ve always thought about. Be your own greatest advocate. If you don’t think you can, who is going to convince you otherwise? And with that being said, I believe I’m going crush this triathlon.

Now in case you are unfamiliar with anything triathlon related, don’t worry, so am I. I’ve done my fair share of research before making the decision to participate, but I have a lot to learn along the way. And I plan on sharing what I learn with you.

In the meantime, here is a breakdown of what race day is going to look like:

Stage One: 600 meter open water swim

Stage Two: 16.75 mile bike

Stage Three: 3.3 mile run

It’s going to be tough, but I like I said earlier I’m ecstatic. I can’t wait to fill you in on what I learn, how I feel training for a triathlon, and the biggest differences I find through the journey in comparison to my previous adventures training for distance runs. 🙂


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