Weekend Warriors

“If it wasn’t on the NY bucket list, add it, and then cross it off.” – Kenny 

Memorial Day Weekend brought beautiful weather to the North Pole. 🙂

The hubby and I spent the long weekend playing catch, biking, and kayaking.

The baseball mitts and baseball that we bought this weekend were a bit of an impulse purchase, but a huge hit. What can i say? When it comes to my family, walking through a sporting goods store is asking for trouble.

Luckily, there isn’t an REI anywhere near us.

Or unluckily? Hmmmmm.

Anyways, Apollo loves when Kenny and I pull out the mitts and baseball. He thinks the whole point of the game is Monkey in the Middle. He runs back and forth, waiting for one of us to miss the ball. And then he steals it, running around the yard victoriously.

It’s adorable… until he won’t give it back.


The most scenic portion of the weekend was definitely kayaking in Lake Ontario. It was also the quote reference at the beginning of the blog post… who would’ve thought one day we would be kayaking in a Great Lake?!




It was GORGEOUS. And the whole endeavor made me feel like I was a world renown outdoors woman, until I found out I holding the paddle the wrong way the entire time I was kayaking….


There has to be some sort of learning curve implemented in this situation. Either way, I wear my blistered hands and aching back with pride.


I haven’t stepped foot in the gym this weekend, and with good reason. If the sun is shining and you are surrounded with activities that keep you active, why waste a single second stuck indoors?

I made sure to sneak in my yoga practice first thing each morning and went on a couple runs, but this weekend was all about enjoying the weather and great company 🙂



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