My Simple Joys

Today was one of the lucky days that I was able to work close to home.

Instead of my normal commute,  I just slipped out my front door and strolled the single mile that lays between my house and work.

It may seem trivial to everyone else, but I am grateful for the early morning stroll.

It’s a simple joy. 

There is nothing that can really explain why I love the walk so much, but it doesn’t really need explaining. It just makes me happy.

As I made my way to work, I started to wonder what other things I consider to be simple joys in my life. I ended up thinking about the list throughout the work day.

Honestly, spending my day thinking about all of the small parts of life that bring a smile to my face made my Monday that much better.

I really like Mondays…


And, in hopes that this list inspires you to brainstorm some of your own, I thought I’d share my list of simple joys with you. 🙂

My Simple Joys:

1. Finding Apollo and Kenny curled up together asleep on the couch.

2. Checking the mail.

3. The smell of ground coffee beans in the coffee aisle at the supermarket.

4. Mondays.

5. The Farmer’s Market.

6. This huge, historic library nearby that makes me feel like Bella from Beauty in the Beast.

7.  Scratch-Off lottery tickets.

8. Britney Spear’s Baby One More Time album.

9. Living in a neighborhood full of little ones riding bikes, having squirt gun fights, and playing hide – and – seek (It makes summer feel like it truly is right around the corner).

10. Early mornings runs by the water.

The list could go on forever… Cold watermelon. The smell of sunscreen. Catching fireflies. Licking the bowl clean. Blasting music in the car.  Sleeping in on the weekends. Laying by the pool. Snow days. Brunch with friends. Calla lilies. Netflix marathons. Bonfires in the summer. Dancing the night away…

And the more I think about those things that effortlessly make me happy, the more I wonder why we don’t all stop to recognize them a little bit more often.

Go ahead, slow down and count all of your simple joys.

Why shouldn’t you take the time to smell the roses?

I mean they are blooming 🙂


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