My Favorite Bracelet

No outfit is complete without my favorite bracelet.

I wear it religiously.

All day. Everyday.

And even though I’ve experimented with different color options, the black wristband always wins, sitting triumphantly on my right wrist.

I must confess… I’m a fitbit addict. And I am here to admit unapologetically that I have a problem.

It isn’t unusual to see me tapping my wrist anxiously hoping that I’m one blinking dot closer to my step goal. Or to be staring at my app, trying to figure out how many more steps I need to gain the lead.

And before you start getting any notions or urges to tell me that I sound ridiculous, let me explain.

This Monday morning, like many before it, is the start of “Workweek Hustle,” a game you play with other fitbit-wearing friends to see who can get the most steps in a week.

It’s addictive.

Throughout the day you get notifications from the app letting you know someone just crushed their step goal, or jumped to first place. You can easily check everyone’s step count and compare how far away you are from moving up in the ranks, which in turn, motivates you to get moving.

Honestly, this bracelet has been a lifesaver during the long, unwavering winter. It’s encouraged me to get off the couch, bundle up, and get moving.

If you think I’m exaggerating, go get a fitbit. You’ll see.

In hopes that you do get a fitbit or already have one, I encourage you to add me ( on the fitbit app!

Here is how you add a friend:

  1. Open the fitbit app
  2. Click friends
  3. Click the plus sign in the upper right hand corner
  4. Type in your friends email
  5. And add

I’d love to hear about your fitbit experience! Please feel free to leave comments below, and share how you get those extra steps in everyday 🙂


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