Fresh Veggie Lunch Platter

Why was tofu so intimidating?

No really, I’m being serious. I was actually nervous to buy a package of extra firm pre cubed tofu, let alone open it up and cook it.

My best guess to why tofu, aka bean curd, seemed so untouchable was that I didn’t grow up watching my parents cook tofu. As a matter of fact, I had never seen anyone cook tofu.

And even with Pinterest leading the way, I still had reservations.

Come to find out, cooking tofu was really really really easy.

Laughable easy.

Embarrassingly easy.

Step 1: Open package and drain out water

Step 2: Heat skillet

Step 3: Add tofu, olive oil, and paprika

Step 4: Cook

Step 5: Eat


You read that right. I cooked up my lunch in a matter of minutes after a whole week of putting off trying my newest food item.

Now, I did have a very simple lunch. And I’m sure as I move forward with my tofu experiments the recipes will become more intricate. Not to mention, not all tofu comes pre cubed, which is a step in the process I was able to skip because of the variety I bought.

But alas, I have an easy, delicious dish to share with you 🙂




Everything about this dish is fresh and easy.

It has sliced cucumbers, peppers, tomato, carrots, and tofu seasoned with paprika and olive oil. And a bowl of hummus/mashed avocado for dipping, with fresh lemon on top, and a dash of pepper for some zing.

Next time I’ll work my tofu into a more formal dish, but for today, this was a perfect lunch.


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