5 Girls, 2 Goats, 1 Night

The laundry appeared less daunting than usual on Saturday morning. Actually, the repetitious steps of throwing my clothes into the washer, dumping in my unmeasured heap of detergent, and moving the soaked bundle of now clean clothes to the dryer was gratifying.

The bag that sat in the middle of my bed acted as a bright blue floral reminder that I was only hours away from visiting the Finger Lakes for the first time. And with every load that came out of the dryer, I was one more unnecessarily packed shirt closer to being on my way.

By mid-afternoon, my four friends and I were on the road. We had a birthday to celebrate and wine in our future.

The birthday girl and I


We stopped at the first winery we came across, and began to taste all that the Wine Trail had to offer. We were welcomed with a warmth and hospitality that could only be possessed by those who work with easy access to alcohol. 😉

Of all the wineries we visited, my favorite was Hector Wine Company. The staff was by far the most relaxed, homey, and heartfelt. And the wine was, of course, delicious.






Now once we reached our ‘empty-stomach’ wine capacity, we decided to check out one of the local restaurants. I giggled my way through a failed attempt to make dinner reservations, but luckily my more even keeled travel mates were able to take charge (Let’s just say I might have underestimated the amount of wine consumed in multiple tasting).

IMG_3918We ate at Dano’s Heuriger on Seneca, a Viennese Winery Restaurant. The decor was beautiful.  A large, heavy wooden door opened to cathedral high ceilings and a warm contemporary space.

As for our server, it’s uncertain how he felt about our continuous attempts to plea Siri to read us poems, sing us songs, and tell us jokes with over emphasized articulation. Even so, I have a feeling the laughter escaping our table, filling the restaurant, was gladly embraced.

We ended our night at Two Goats Brewing, a small local bar overflowing with charisma. There was live music, a gaggle of locals, and homemade brew.




IMG_3922The ceiling was covered in dollar bills. I couldn’t wrap my head around how they possible got up there, until I saw the barn/bar loft… I soon learned you aren’t supposed to climb the loft, but I DID get my dollar on the ceiling.

Come to find out, the bartender throws the money at the ceiling after putting a thumbtack through it. Who would’ve thought?

Our group quickly became the lively bunch at the back of the room.  We spent the night laughing and drinking from glasses that never seemed to stay empty. The energy was contagious and before you knew it, we had graced Two Goats with our tomfooleries past closing time.

After closing down the bar, the girls and I went back to the bed and breakfast, Seneca Springs Resort. We eventually went to sleep at the crack of dawn, and groggily made our way home Sunday afternoon.




And now, home from the girls’ trip to Seneca Lake, I can’t wait to go back. I have a feeling if the atmosphere was this fun off season, there is good reason to visit again during the summer.


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