My Partner In Crime

The ups and downs of a healthy lifestyle can be are exhausting.

One week you feel like you have mastered it all. You have managed to squeeze in every work out all while happily drinking your green smoothies, ignoring your coworker’s take out as you eat your homemade, pre-packed lunch at work, and consistently getting eight hours of sleep.

The next week you can’t stop hitting snooze, waking up with just enough time to throw up your hair and dust on some blush. Spinach sounds revolting. Who drinks their breakfast anyways? And you know what… today walking Apollo in negative degree weather counts as a workout.

Now, I like to think I speak for more than just myself when I say it’s hard to keep track of what level of “healthy-living” I’m currently pursuing. And as draining as it is for me, I can’t even imagine how draining it is for my partner in crime.

My husband and I moved in together in June 2014, almost eight months ago.

Now, keep in mind we were dating for years before hand, but living together takes absorbing one another’s lifestyles to a different extreme, and therefore I’m going to focus on the last 8 months.

Here’s a list of my health and fitness pursuits/ongoing habits since June:

  1. Processed Food is the Devil. – Chemicals are ruining society, and I am going to pave the way to change! I am only going to eat food from the local farmer’s market, and anything that comes in a package simply isn’t for me. We should throw away all of the packaged food in the house.
  2. Everyone should be a Runner. – If there’s a race, I’m running it. No, it doesn’t matter that I have a 14 mile training run the following day. Who needs sleep? I’ll just wake up at 4am and run the first 12 miles, and you can meet up with me for the last two at 6am!
  3. Chewing is overrated. – I just signed up for Meal Replacement Shakes! No really, chemicals and processed food are OKAY. Just in this context. I’m just going to sip on two meals a day for over a month. And I swear I’m only cranky from lack of sleep, not from a lack of proper nutrients.
  4. Two-a-Days Evvvvrrryyday. – Let’s go to the gym. No, running is the worst. C’mon, C’mon, C’mon no sleeping in on the weekends we gotta be swolemates <3.
  5. Hydrate or Die. – Is it weird to carry around a one-gallon jug of water? God, this thing is heavy. Do you think my end of the day water bloat is cute?

I honestly do love trying new things, challenging myself, and adapting new fitness behaviors into my everyday routine. And in the past eight months there have been habits that have stuck with me, and the hubby (although he would deny it), that are completely for the better.

But it takes some trial and error to figure out works best! And he championed through it all.

My then-fiancé, now- husband picked me up from every single training run with dry clothes, snacks, and an overenthusiastic puppy. He didn’t bat an eyelash when I sat down and consumed a small village’s worth of food after my marathon. And he never let me throw away my running shoes, no matter how hard I tried, when I decided I was never running again.

He never complained on Wednesday’s when I woke up at the crack of dawn to go to the Farmer’s Market, and amused me as I made him look at how “cute” carrots look straight from the ground. Not to mention, the number of passages he listened to from Eat Real Food by Michael Pollan.

Or more importantly, he sat me down telling me I wasn’t a “fad diet” kinda girl, making me read all of the chemicals in my meal replacement devil shakes.

My partner in crime even encouraged me, slightly out of humor, to bring my one-gallon water jug into our favorite bar.

If you guessed that I sat down with my water jug beside me among our friends and strangers, you’d be 100% right.

Through the ups and downs of my never-ending “lifestyle” of healthy living he’s been there. Never once putting me down, but letting me decide what’s best for me, cheering me on. And for a man who doesn’t care what chemicals are in his lunch, he does one hell of a job making sure mine don’t have any.


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