New Habits

The sense of calm that I get as I tip toe down my steps to a completely undisturbed living room is unparalleled.

All of the lights are off, the room is neat and in order from my nightly clean before bed, and the house is silent.

I have the comfort of waking up  at a leisurely pace in my own home.

I turn on the backlight to keep the room predominantly dark just before I unroll my yoga mat.

A short thirty-minute yoga practice follows, allowing me to work out the kinks from the previous night’s sleep, and spend quality time looking inward.

How am I feeling this morning? How is my body feeling? Is my left quad still tight? Do I feel rested? What do I want to project thorough my day?

My early morning practice allows me to show up. I’m there. Present. In the moment. Paying attention to exactly what’s happening on my mat. A sense of attendance that I struggle with during a late afternoon/early evening practice.

It’s too early, quiet, and tranquil for me to be lost elsewhere. My day hasn’t started. The responsibilities and to do lists haven’t sunk in. I am carefree.

It’s invigorating in a way I never expected.

And it just fell into my lap.

I went through a very committed Bikram practice during my college years. And after drifting away from the one specific style, I have happily enjoyed various teachers, classes, and studios.

But it wasn’t until my running and gym schedules were thrown off course that I started doing yoga first thing in the morning, and saving my workout for later.

What a difference.

I relish in the soothing element of waking up my body slowly rather than instantly pounding the pavement or tossing dumbbells around. I appreciate being at the gym at three or four pm when I’ve already had two meals, my body is warmed up from the day, and I can use the pent up tension on a hard-hitting work out, not a meaningful yoga practice.

Not to mention, I get to try a different yoga class every morning. Using, I download classes to my computer, and pick from my selection in the morning. It’s nice to not know what’s coming because I stay in the practice. The variety of videos makes my mornings a refreshing experience.

While I miss my early morning runs outside, and my neighborhood friends during our weight sessions at the gym on base, it’s been surprisingly nice to have a change in my routine. One that’s doing much more than just giving me a great workout.

Here are a couple of my favorites from this week:

1. Mojo Flow 1

2. Outlaw Yoga: The Power of Our Stories 


One thought on “New Habits

  1. Lovely! I’m going to try out these videos. 🙂 Your story is a good reminder for us to listen to our bodies a little more and to see how they respond to subtle changes. I need to focus on being a little “nicer” sometimes rather than pounding pavement, too. It’s not always about how hard you go, but how good you can feel during/after! hugs!!

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