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As I was sitting on Pinterest, halfway through day nine of my new dietary restrictions, pinning recipe after recipe, I couldn’t help but think about how difficult this transition would have been just five years ago.

I recently learned that for health reasons I had to make the switch to a gluten and dairy free diet (Oh trust me, you don’t even have to say it… I KNOW). This news came from left field. In an instant I went from your BWB instagramming pictures of her muffin accompanied with an overpriced latte to a Google addict checking every food product in the house for hidden gluten and dairy ingredients.

And although I have already had my fair share of temper tantrums and cookie withdrawal, I have to say I feel incredibly lucky.

I feel lucky that the internet is full of information to help me understand why this is the best decision for my health. I have Google. I have Pinterest. I have blog after blog showing me how to make any dish from mac and cheese to lasagna without ingredients that are going to cause harm to my body.

I feel lucky that gluten isn’t a mystery word, even in the small town I currently call home. It’s rare to find someone who hasn’t heard of gluten or dairy free, and therefore I’m saved the long winded explanation of what I can and can’t eat.

I feel lucky to have friends and family who are already gluten free, and are both positive and supportive as I try to figure out what I consider my new normal. I don’t have to figure out baking substitutes, bread substitutes, or milk substitutes alone.

It makes me respect anyone who had to go gluten free years ago, when there wasn’t a whole grocery aisle dedicated to GF products, information on every corner on how to make the transition, or a general understanding of the public.

In a strange way, I look forward to the adventures to come as I re-learn how to cook and bake. Its practically a sitcom in the making, and I’m sure there will be plenty of stories to tell on the way.

And don’t you worry, the cookie withdrawal has been handled. My hubby came to the rescue after day four with some scrumptious homemade GF DF cookies. 🙂


One thought on “Lucky

  1. Yay for a new post! We’re here to support you every step of the way. It gets easier 🙂 also, can your hubby teach my hubby how to make a gluten free treat?

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