There’s Something About Mondays

I love Mondays.

 No sarcasm intended. I really do.

Side note: I also love mornings, so between it being a Monday morning I’m pretty much set up for a fantastic day. And yes I realize most people don’t like Mondays or mornings #aintworried #bedifferent

 I am energized by the thought of a new week. Monday is always the kick-starter I need to regroup, reorganize, and refocus.

In a way, it reminds me of the first couple of days back to school. You have the chance to reconfigure yourself for the year, feel out the territory, and start fresh. Although Mondays come every week… and the start of the school year is only in August/ September, I still find the comparison very fitting.

(Let it be known I’m in LOVE with the first day of school and part of me is heart broken that I no longer get to walk into a classroom with my crisp untouched notebook and coordinating folder. The other part of me couldn’t be happier to be missing out on reading through syllabus after syllabus after syllabus.)

Today, I plan on being a bit more proactive and concrete about what I want to accomplish this week. I always seem to have documented long-term goals that I’m working towards, such as a training schedule for some race or a big looming certification test on the calendar (#scared #notready #hashtag), but my short-term just “exist” and are never documented.

 In order to be a more accountable for what I’m striving towards, I figured I’d share my goals this week on here, in writing, where everyone can see them:

  1. Get back on my marathon-training schedule and complete all of my training runs for the week. After a much needed seven days off from running, I’m ready to put my head back in the game and enjoy my last four weeks of training. This means I have two 5 mile runs, one 8 mile run, and the 18.12 race in Sackets Harbor this weekend. 
  1. Lift weights at least four times this week. During my time off from running, I was going to the gym with the fiancé, and it felt fantastic. My muscles were sore, my protein shakes tasted delicious, and my passion for fitness and wellness was sparked again. Plus, being around others gives me energy, and there’s nothing like a packed gym to make for a great work out! 
  1. Make flashcards for my personal trainer certification exam. I bought flashcards and a case for my flashcards weeks ago! It’s time to put those suckers to use. I’m going to shoot for three chapters worth, since the number of definitions per chapter is iiiinnnsannnnnneeee.
  1. Try a new recipe 🙂 I’m thinking a Mexican dinner night… tacos, guacamole, and margaritas. We are having friends visit this weekend, and that may be the perfect opportunity!

 Okay… I guess this means I have some flashcards to start working on. Have a great Monday and good luck on starting your week off right!


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