Be Adventurous



(My fiancé and I explored the off-roading trails this past weekend. I like to pretend that I’m a photographer. ) 


One of the coolest elements of moving to New York was an empty plate.

I was no longer obligated to any previous jobs, hobbies, or commitments that existed while I was a Maryland resident or student at UMD… and I had quite a few. I could pursue anything I wanted, as long as it existed in the North Country.

In my first ten days here I’ve come across some incredible places and breath taking sceneries, which got me thinking.


Why wasn’t I this committed to exploring my surroundings back in Maryland


Of course I tried new restaurants and different hiking trails now and again, but nothing like what I’ve been doing here. Perhaps I was overwhelmed? There was a lot to pick from in the easily accessible cities, where as now I am limited, but still… excuses

I could only compare this time of new discovery to freshman year of college.

When I first arrived to UMD as a young 17 year old I was excited and enthusiastic to learn about my surroundings, and everything it had to offer. I relished in the opportunities that I found interesting and quickly became engrossed in the UMD culture. I can’t tell you the number of clubs, organizations, and jobs I looked into and considered during my first couple of months at school. 

Fast forward four years later, and you have the “grown up” version of that once 17 years old girl. I’m chomping at the bit to see and experience everything I can, even if that experience is just walking to the library down my street and sitting on the back patio.

Did I mention that back patio faces an open stretch of rich green scenery and a waterfall?


This sense of adventure has been fantastic for my marathon training and revamped my passion for running. There are trails EVERYWHERE. I ran the Black River trail this past weekend with a nonprofit I’ve joined, mapped out my five miler on the Calcium trail for tomorrow morning, and am signed up for a 5K this weekend that goes through a local town.

Every run is new and exploratory.

If I could offer any advice, I’d ask you to search for that feeling of discovering the unknown. Be adventurous. Seek out new challenges. EXPLORE. There is so much to see, and the more comfortable you are in your day-to-day the more you miss out on all that is around you.



Here’s a list of some of the gems I’ve found in the North Country 🙂

  1. Team RWB (http://teamrwb.orgImage
  2. Satyana Yoga (
  3. Clayton, NY (
  4. The North Country Store (
  5. Watertown Farmer’s Market (



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