The Diaries of a Busy Body

Note: My internet access has been extremely limited. As of Thursday, I will be officially back on the inter webs, but wanted to share a post I wrote early one morning… 


I’m here.

I’m a resident of upstate New York, or as the locals call it, the North Country.

As of yesterday (now it’s been about a week or so) all the boxes are unpacked, the place is put together, and my fiancé and I are settling in. I’m in love with our humble abode and couldn’t have asked for a better place to call our own.

At 530 AM it’s nothing but peaceful with the early sun peering through our four windows. I have to give the North Country that, it’s eternally peaceful.

The long roads that go into the distance surround us, and you can’t see anything along the way except a handful of old homes. Not to mention, it is so OPEN. It’s crazy to see, even coming from a girl who grew up in a small country town.

I’m in love with running on these roads. I thought that I’d be discourage about running straight for so long, and missing the windy path of my college trails, but the hills and scenery are suiting me just fine.

Plus, it’s really cool here (temperature wise). Every run I’ve done thus far I’ve worn a long sleeve shirt. Who gets to wear a long sleeve in June?

But, let me try to focus on the title of the post, and why I couldn’t be happier to have my marathon schedule posted on the wall, my running shelf up right by the door (foam roller, running shoes, UMD running hat, and Camelbak have a permanent home), and a reason to break from unpacking the past few days.

I. Am. Such. A. Busy. Body.

Holy. Cow.

I mean I obviously knew this… but I had no idea. Moving turned up the volume in my head of steady to-do items streaming, while I went from one box to the next. The first couple of nights I barely slept as I (and my exhausted partner in crime) hung pictures, put together furniture, and carried the same bowl/picture frame from one room to the next deciding where it needed to go. Simultaneously job searching, interviewing, and landing a part time gig in the closest town.

All of it has been so much fun and ridiculously exciting, which attributed to the lack of sleep. I’m just excited.


But seriously, thank the stars above for running.


Its given me fresh air and my but outta the house. Instead of a never-ending list of what needed to be done or the stress of all the “new” I could just zone out and go. Which I think has made a big difference in adjusting. I always start the day with a clear mind and some time to myself to just breathe while I explore the never ending roads around my new place.

Speaking of breathing, I found a yoga studio about twenty minutes away that I’m trying out tonight (wish me luck)! Hopefully it’s something I can sink my teeth into. If you followed me before, or read into the MyHeartandHamstrings archives, you’ll know that I love yoga, especially Bikram.

(This yoga studio is AMAZING and will have a whole blog posted dedicated to is soon!!)

I haven’t found any Bikram places nearby, but everything happens for a reason. I’m ready for a new yoga challenge, and hopefully hopefully hopefully somewhere to practice. ESPECIALLY during training season when my hip flexors get beyond tight.

Aaaannnnndddd… I might have found a 5K next weekend to run, and by might I mean I did…. June 29th I’ll be participating in my first NY race.

🙂 See what I mean? It hasn’t even been a week yet and I’m all over the place.


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