In the past five months away from my blog, my life has been nothing short of eventful. I’ve had the TIME OF MY LIFE and am nowhere close to slowing down. I intend on taking my blog to the next level by sharing more than just my marathon training experiences, but it all, right here, on the inter webs for the world to enjoy. 🙂

During my time off from My Heart and Hamstrings, I realized how much I truly relished writing about my running experiences, and am anxious to get back at it. But first, I wanted to explain to anyone who’s now joining the blog reading bandwagon about how I got started.

In the fall of 2013, during my second to last semester in college, I was assigned a blog writing assignment, and ran with it… literally. I started My Heart and Hamstrings as a running blog that allowed others to follow my journey as I trained for my third half marathon, but honestly, it became a whole lot more.

My seemingly technology impaired self fell in love with sitting down behind my laptop and typing out all of the thoughts, opinions, and experiences I had with running, weight training, food, everyday pressure, and life.

I was always anxious to research topics, reach out to running/fitness related companies, and type, edit, erase and retype my views… and did it as often as I could. It was obvious that I was in way deeper than just a classroom assignment. Yet, in December with the end of the semester upon me, I wrote my “Giving Thanks and Saying Farewell” post, received my assignment grade, and moved forward.

But after a whole semester apart, my degree completed, and a marathon only a short 16 weeks away, I’m ready to rejoin the blogging community.

So here I am.


2 thoughts on “Reunion

  1. Welcome back! I started a run blog when I did my first marathon, but then I eventually deleted it all in a minor freak out. I’ve been back over a year now, and enjoy writing as always!

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