Giving Thanks and Saying Farewell


After a fantastic 5K with my aunt, cousin, and brother on Thanksgiving morning, I officially completed my race season for the year 2013. (p.s. watch out for my 8 year old cousin… he’s the next USA Olympian gold medalist runner in training)

Even though Thanksgiving has passed, and the world has moved on to Christmas, I wanted to take a moment to express my thanks before separating ways from 

I am thankful for the friends and family who supported me through an eventful race season. This year I participated in a 2 mile fun run, The Zombie Run, The Color Run, The Annapolis Half Marathon, and The Strut Your Stuffing Turkey Trot. From week 1 to week 13 I always had a someone cheering me on, asking me how my runs were going, or running a race with me . It was very exciting coming back to the world of running after my injuries and I soaked up every moment. I was grateful to share that with others. 

I am thankful to have experienced a whole new side of the running community through my running blog. I thoroughly enjoyed writing opinion posts, informational posts, race reviews, and product reviews. My Heart and Hamstrings gave me a new appreciation for writing and school assigned projects. 

In addition, I am thankful for all of my followers. It was inspiring meeting with old friends and hearing them say “I read your blog” or “I am inspired by your posts.” I would’ve never expected so many people I know personally, and even those who I don’t know, to read what I had written. I wrote from the heart and am fulfilled knowing my words made a difference to someone. 

I am thankful for all of the companies that  graciously sent me products to review. I was blown away by the number of customer service departments that happily responded to my emails and treated me with kindness. As a first-time blogger, I never expected to be receive so many responses.

Thank you to Implus Sports, Nathan Sports, Swift, Clif Bar, Quest Nutrition, Muscle Milk, CSports, Advocare, Larabar, Smoothie King, and Tulsi Tea.

I truly appreciate everyone who read, commented, followed, and/or supported my blog. It was a fantastic experience sharing my thoughts during my half marathon training. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. 

Happy Holidays 🙂 


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