The Annapolis Half Marathon

On Saturday morning my brother and I completed the Annapolis Half Marathon.

And let me tell you , it was quite the race.

The weather was perfect. It was sunny, brisk, and there was a slight breeze. I mean of course it was chilly, it’s November, but the temperature wasn’t unbearable.

We arrived to the race early enough to have a bathroom pit stop, stretch, and line up. I was a bundle of nerves, but excited that it was race day.

My brother (Derek) was in charge of keeping an eye on the clock. Even though I wore my NX510 Mini out of habit (shout out to Implus and New Balance for the fantastic watch), I refused to pay any attention to it during the run.

As many of my followers know, I had two major goals for my third half marathon. The first was to run with no music and the second was to complete the race in less than two hours. The second goal required someone to pay attention to the pace, and my brother graciously took on the responsibility.

After a quick prayer and some mini-excitement freak outs that involved jumping around, Derek and I were ready.

The sound of the runners starting the race was unique and comforting. It was fantastic hearing so many running feet all at once. I  must say I was grateful that I didn’t have any music blaring in my ears. There wasn’t any moment during the race that I missed having my iPod.

(Side Note: I’d urge you to try running without music. There’s so much of the race experience that’s missed when music is blaring in your ears. The cheering race on-lookers are really encouraging and I was never able to fully appreciate them until this particular half marathon. )

The plan for the race was to let Derek pace in the first half and I was going to pace the second half. Our running styles compliment each other very well, and my brother just so happens to run faster during the first miles of any long run whereas I run more quickly near the end.

On Saturday, we ran the first mile at a comfortable warm up pace. We were both happy to be running and enjoying the scenery. The sun rising while we ran through downtown was perfect.

But after the first mile, the “pace plan” went out the window.

Instead, Derek and I hauled ass.


I mean we were pushing ourselves to the max and taking the infamous Annapolis Half Marathon hills by storm.

If you’ve ever seen my brother and I around each other you’d notice we talk, a lot. This generally carries over to our runs together.

Not the case on Saturday. Our dialogue included a handful of phrases:

“We gotta pick up the pace… c’mon we got this”

” I f#$#%*# HATE hills” (and some other phrases that may or may not have been along the same line)

“You doing okay? Yupp.”

“Just a little faster”

The race was absolutely a race. We weren’t leaving anything on the course. And by the time we were in the last 300 meters stretch of the finish line there was a lot of screaming, motivational reasoning on why we needed to be running faster, and aching muscles.

We crossed the finish line at 2:00:18.


Although this time isn’t under two hours, it’s a time I’m incredibly proud of. I can’t say that there was a moment on the course that we weren’t giving it our all. (PSSSSTTTT DEREK WE ARE TWO HOUR CHAMPIONS!!! SAY WHAT!!)

After the race, my family went out and had a big ole’ breakfast with all the works. I’m talking chocolate chip pancakes, eggs, hash browns, toast, bacon, coffee…. the list goes on. You name it, and it was on the table somewhere.

The post-race endorphin high was in full swing.

Overall, I’m feeling very accomplished and grateful. I couldn’t be happier to have another half marathon under my belt, and CANT WAIT to see the race day photos taken by the race photographers.

Let’s just say we took advantage of those photo opportunities 🙂


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