The Day Before

Good Morning World!

Tomorrow is officially race day 🙂 It’s crazy to think how much time has passed so quickly (12 weeks FLEW by). 

I started my training September 2nd. And although the actual date seems like forever ago ( seeing as November is winding down) the first 3 mile run feels like just yesterday. 

You may be wondering, what have I been doing all week to prepare? what am I doing today to get ready the day before? and how am i feeling? And I’ve got the answers: 

Pre race week is probably the easiest week of training physically. I’ve gone to yoga four times since Sunday and have run about 9 miles total. I haven’t touched a weight and have spent some quality time with my foam roller trying to roll out my hip flexors before tomorrow. 

It’s all about letting the body recover and relax to be ready to go on race day. There’s no need to run incredible distances when I’ve already spent months preparing my legs to carry me 13.1 miles. 

Mentally, it’s been an exhausting week compared to past pre race weeks. On one hand I’m bursting with excitement and feeling energized. I can’t describe how awesome it is to be on the verge of running a long distance race after feeling like I was held back for so long. The last time I participated in a half marathon was the Annapolis Half Marathon last year, and then I began my months of being “benched.” On the other hand I’m really anxious. I’ve never set a goal time for myself, but always focused on finishing the race and having a kick-ass time. Although those are still two focus areas, I want to finish under two hours… bad. 

Overall, most of my week has been spent stretching and daydreaming of crossing the finish line at 1:59:59.

Today, pre race day, is the best day of the year. It’s carb loading day. That means tonight I will be making an ENORMOUS pasta dinner paired with chicken, garlic bread, and a scrumptious salad. Breakfast and lunch will be pretty normal only because I’m a creature of habit, but I can’t WAIT for dinner.

In addition, I’m cradling my water bottle like it’s a newborn child. It’s imperative to be well-hydrated for tomorrow morning. I’ve already crushed two 12 oz. bottles and it’s only 10 AM.

The last portion of my evening will be dedicated to more stretching and foam rolling. Not to mention some tossing and turning in attempts to get a good night’s sleep… which actually isn’t possible. I’ll be terrified of waking up late and will wake up 08729529345023503532498 times, approximately, through the night. 

With that being said, good luck to anyone else running the Annapolis Half Marathon tomorrow! I can’t wait to be surrounded by the running community bright and early.

And may the carbs ever be in your favor… 


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