#Cheat Clean

Today marks a very sad day in the world of Melissa. I am officially out of all my Quest Nutrition products. Don’t worry, it won’t take too long for my recently ordered ( 5 minutes ago) package of protein bars to come in.

Early in October, Quest Nutrition very graciously sent me a well-stocked package to try out the products that they offer, and I must admit I was impressed. I tried Quest Pasta (check out my review of Quest Pasta HERE), Quest Cravings, and Quest Protein bars.  The variety of products, and protein bars in particular, that the company offers is immense and they are all delicious.

The best part? Quest Protein Bars are high quality, low carb, gluten free, and don’t have any junk filler ingredients in them.

My favorite protein bar flavors are the White Chocolate Raspberry, Cookie Dough, Double Chocolate Chunk, and Peanut Butter and Jelly. Below is a picture I took one night when trying to decide what flavor to test next, but I’d already put a nice dent in my collection at this point. You can check out the full list of Quest products at http://www.questproteinbar.com!


Over the past month and a half I grew very accustom to grabbing a Quest Bar on the go to have as a snack , post work out, or eating one as “dessert” after dinner, which brings me to this blog post’s title: #cheatclean

If you know me you probably know I have quite the sweet tooth… and by tooth I mean teeth… and by teeth I mean all of them.  I can turn down pizza, soda, burgers, chips, blah, blah, blah ALL day long, but offer me a cookie?

The answer is yes, always. 

But we know that’s not true. The answer can’t always be yes. Part of a healthy lifestyle is making healthy choices and cookies, cake, brownies, etc. can’t be consumed too often.

That’s where Quest Bars came in! They were not only delicious, convenient, and produced by a company with a philosophy I can stand behind, but they gave me a way to eat dessert guilt-free. I was always finding different ways to turn my Quest Bars into a scrumptious dessert that satisfied my sweet teeth while not reversing the great benefits that come from working out.

My favorite #cheatclean meal I made is below. Its a sundae made out of frozen greek yogurt, crushed almonds, a heated up brownie Quest Bar, fresh strawberries, and melted organic milk chocolate drizzled on top. IT WAS DELICIOUS.


Here is another creation… it follows the same sundae idea, but this one includes frozen greek yogurt, melted creamy natural peanut butter, and a crushed up Quest Cravings peanut butter cup. If you can’t tell I had fun getting creative 🙂


I would recommend Quest Bars to anyone looking for a protein bar. I would also recommend Quest Nutrition’s blog website, blog.questproteinbar.com, which has other awesome recipes, fitness success stories, and useful information  submitted by  Quest Nutrition and their fans.


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