This weekend was the 38th annual Marine Corps Marathon.

 Not only did I know of people running it, but was bombarded with posts about the race through fellow running blogs I follow.

 And it brought to mind the question; will I ever run a full marathon?

 Let’s be honest, it didn’t take this weekend’s race to make me ponder the idea of running the highly esteemed 26.2 miles. I play with the idea often.

 Especially as I get closer to my half marathon in November. I could just keep training. Why stop at 13.1? Technically I’d be halfway there… Technically I could just go straight from my half marathon-training schedule into a full marathon-training schedule…

And after November 223rd I’ll have run three half marathons. Isn’t a full marathon the next step? I’m sure it will offer me all the benefits, joys, and rewards that I find in long distance running. I’m positive I’d find enormous pride in running across a finish line that took me to a new level or running. But will I do it?

 I don’t know.

 I can’t seem to wrap my mind around the amount of dedication it takes to run a full marathon. It’s a commitment that one shouldn’t take lightly. 

 And I worry that I wouldn’t be happy training for that long. I worry that without complete conviction to run a full marathon I’d find training to be a burden. And the last thing I want is to burn out my passion for running.

 … and what if I get hurt again?

 That’s always a fear sitting in the back of my head on every run. How do my feet feel? How does my knee feel? Am I listening to my body? Am I pushing too hard?

 I would do anything to avoid the long, heart breaking, and expensive 7 months I spent in and out of the doctors’ offices at the beginning of this year.

 A full marathon would obviously be asking for trouble.

 But then again… What if those 17-mile runs inspire me more than I can predict? What if I find new enthusiasm for my sport by raising the bar? What if a full marathon would ignite an internal drive I don’t have now?

 Injury, long training months, and ups-and-downs in motivation are all part of running. I’m not saying I’m going to sign up for a marathon tomorrow, or that I ever will. I’m just saying that idea is there… and the drive to isn’t far behind. 


6 thoughts on “26.2

  1. When I did my first marathon, I thought it would be a bucket list thing – one and done. That didn’t work out so well – now I’m getting closer to one a year. Crazy! Be careful, it can get addicting!

  2. What I love most about this post is the fact that you are really thinking through your decision. A lot of runners out there jump into distance races not thinking it completly through like what are my personal goals, what are my time constraints next year, why do I want to do this really? You have what it takes because you know what it takes to get up to the start line of a race not only prepared but with injuries that you’ve overcome. What pushed me over the edge to finally sign was a simple roommate new years resolution pact and of course the fact that it was the Marine Corps Marathon and heck now i’m hooked.

    • Thank you very much for your kind words. I don’t want to jump into anything I can’t stay committed to, and am trying hard to decide what I want. I’m happy to hear you completed not only one marathon, but became a repeat offender 🙂

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