Running Fanny Pack

Screen Shot 2013-10-22 at 7.56.45 PMWhen I close my eyes and imagine my version of an “intense” runner I see someone with sun glasses, a visor, and a running fanny pack.

This person is swift, and moves effortlessly. Years of running have made him or her a model runner whom I’d surely stare at in awe. I’d look on wondering what it would take for me to get to that level.

With this in mind, imagine how excited I was to receive my very own running fanny pack from Nathan Sports.


I waited .0000000001 mili seconds before demanding someone take a picture of me with my new prized possession so I could post it all over the web, which I did.

Please see obnoxious, and by obnoxious I mean fantastic, picture below:


Not to mention this package from Nathan Sports was my first ever product package from a company. Nathan Sports kindly sent me products to test and review, and made me feel like a real blogger.

Basically, I was bouncing around like a crazy person waving a bright waist pack named the Triangle. It was quite the show, and if you were there to witness it… I hope you were entertained.

The Triangle has a convenient pocket where I was looking forward to keep my keys, gum (I chew a lot of gum when I run), and student ID. In addition, its equipped with a  22oz water bottle.  Overall, this was the ideal accesory to store items and stay hydrated.

That following Sunday I set out to test out the Triangle on my 7 mile run. As I got ready to walk out the door  I couldn’t help but gush over my “intense” runner look as I strapped on my running fanny pack, looked in the mirror, and headed outside.

And then I started running…

And I wasn’t happy.

Who knew fitting  my own pre-determined stereotype of a runner was so… awkward? The fanny pack didn’t sit well on my hips no matter how much I tightened the straps. And I wasn’t use to having the weight of a water bottle sitting on the triangle of my back while in motion, but I did it.

I ran all 7 miles with the Triangle.

I was convinced that the uncomfortableness of the waist pack came from my inexperience, and tried again this past Sunday on my 9 mile run.

But I didn’t make it mile before stripping myself from the unwanted weight of my Triangle.

I’m crushed to say that I couldn’t get use to running with the Nathan Sports Triangle. I would’ve loved to take advantage of all the benefits it offers, and taken it with me to run the Annapolis Half Marathon in November. Unfortunately, as well-made as the product is, it wasn’t meant for me.

Perhaps this is a piece of running equipment one needs to train with from the beginning, and by being a seasoned runner already, I ruined my chances.

I’m incredibley appreciative of the opportunity to test out the Triangle and hope the best for any other runners that try it out. I would love to hear any one else’s opionions on waist packs, hydrations packs, or running fanny packs.

If you are interested in Nathan Sports or The Triangle, check out their website:


One thought on “Running Fanny Pack

  1. Oh man! I need a runner fanny packe!!!
    By the way, I have nominated you for the Liebster award (for bloggers w/ less than 200 followers) after spending some time browsing your posts. It took me several days to find people I enjoyed and go through the questions and things. If you click on the link you will be routed to the post where I nominate! I am excited to have been nominated because now I’ve found several new blogs where I look forward to the new posts. Keep up the great work!!

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