In hopes of becoming a Personal Trainer

Hello Bloggers! 🙂

Today I learned about a very exciting opportunity. My school’s recreational center is hosting the National Council on Strength and Fitness for a personal trainer education course. And what’s even more astonishing is the weekend that the course is being offered I have completely free. That is UNHEARD of (#busybodyproblems).

Before I continue, let me give you a little bit of background. I’m a business student with a focus in entrepreneurship scheduled to graduate in May 2014. My love for fitness combined with my dream to be a business owner has contributed to my drive of opening my own gym. Of course, this will be a process that involves more than just a drive to be a gym owner. I believe the first step is to start working at a gym and surrounding myself with every opportunity possible to learn about fitness and what consumers want.

My school gym offering this course gives me the chance to get started on my fast approaching future, and I am ecstatic at the idea of getting started.

The registration fee for the course, materials, and test is $485 (<- click on this link to see the exact price breakdown and what it includes). I’m hoping to raise this registration fee and pursue my goal of becoming a certified personal trainer. Absolutely any contribution will help, but by no means feel obligated to donate. If I do raise enough money to register for the course, I will be sure to share with my bloggers how the course and exam go! That’s all for now!



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